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Italian Ethnic Coins from Amazon

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This is where to buy Italian Ethnic Coins from Amazon. The links below will take you to each product details page of the Amazon website to view details, pricing, and product reviews for the Italian products for sale.

100 Italian Lire Coin Various Years 1950's to 1970's
1350 IT The Italian Renaissance Silver Coin In New Clear Box with Story 18mm Fine
1859 IT Tuscany Centisimo AU Details NGC
1866-H Italy 10 Centesimi Coin KM#11.3
IT 1866  and  1867 Lot of 2 Italian 10 Centesimi Coins Fine Details REV/ Highly Circulated
1895-R Italy 20 Centesimi Coin KM#28.2
1897-R Italy 2 Centesimi Coin KM#30
1909-R Italy 1 Centesimo Coin KM#40
1913-R Italy 20 Centesimi Coin KM#44
1921-R Italy 10 Centesimi Coin KM#60
1921-R Italy 10 Centesimi Coin KM#60
1924-R Italy 10 Centesimi Coin KM#60
1927-R Italy 5 Centesimi Coin KM#59
1929-R Italy 10 Centesimi Coin KM#60
1931 Italian 5 Centesimi
1941 Vatican City Lira Coin KM#26a - Pope Pius XII
1955 Vatican City 100 Lira Coin KM#55 - Pope Pius XII
1967 IT Italian Telephone Token un gettone Choice Extremely Fine
1970 IE NG0255 Ras Al-khaimah 75 Riyals NGC PF67 ultra cameo agw .4484oz of pure gold italian unification rare in this grade DE PO-01 NGC